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Remote Bookkeeping & Accounting Service

Prosper works with companies across the UK & Ireland. We remove the need for an in-house finance team

Business is easier with Prosper

Real time communications

We use slack, email and zoom to answer your queries as they arise.


Bookkeeping & Accounting

We set up and manage the complete bookkeeping and accounting process using Xero.


Reporting & Analysis

We will track company performance and provide reporting & analysis using Xero.


Tax & Compliance

We will manage your payroll, VAT & corporation taxes. We will also prepare and file the year end statutory accounts.


Part-Time Finance Director

If required, we can provide a part time finance director to work with your business.


How Prosper can help you

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Fixed Monthly Fee

Detailed pricing proposal provided after phone consultation. 30 day free trial available.

Start Ups


We offer discounted fees to startups. Pre-launch advice and support is offered free of charge. 

Scale Ups


For businesses looking to make it to the next level, we can scale up our service as your business grows.



Reduce your internal staff costs. Our experience can deliver a superior level of service than an in-house finance team.